THREAT ALERT: CVE-2021-44228 is a critical vulnerability resulting in Remote Code Execution (RCE). 

Read Fortress's response to the recent Log4j exploit.

Live Webinar

Cyber Supply Chain Compliance Strategies for Protecting and Expanding Federal Business

September 7, 2021 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST


The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) policy barring some globally-sourced critical components from procurement and similar federal policies affecting critical manufacturing mean it's becoming more important than ever to demonstrate a secure, thoroughly documented supply chain to maintain Federal contracts, to stay safe, and stay competitive.

Register to learn about policies which could cost you federal business, and how to illuminate your supply chain to proactively address these challenges. 

We'll be joined by former CIA supply chain head Karl Wagner. We'll cover: 

  • How your organization can address new policies that have potential to eliminate federal sales
  • How to get gain a competitive advantage over reactionary competitors by getting started with a comprehensive supply chain cyber security program
  • How to create a secure and documented supply chain fit for federal procurement


John Cofrancesco | Vice President of Government Solutions

John has spent his career protecting the data holdings of military, federal, and commercial clients. John specializes in identifying weaknesses in records management architectures and developing commercial solutions to secure those gaps. His experience has positioned him to spot the fragility in complex data systems and see the universe of possible commercial solutions, leveraging his experience working within the military and federal communities.

Karl Wagner | Co-Founder at ConfirmD by BuddyCheque

An expert in intelligence and national security affairs, Karl Wagner has created and led multi-million dollar enterprise risk management programs in both government and private industry. Karl is the Co-founder and President of BuddyCheque, a B2B SaaS health-tech company whose cloud-based digital health platform, ConfirmD, empowers enterprises to resume operations more safely in the post COVID-19 period. Karl is also Founder and CEO of Cogence Systems, a global logistics and technology integration company. Additionally, Karl is the Creator of The START Method, a capacity building and resilience training program for enterprises, as well as Founder and CEO of Eastern Sky Technologies, a global risk consultancy specializing in crisis management and corporate resilience. Karl served as Senior Director, Global Security at Palo Alto-based Tesla, Inc. from September 2018 to April 2019.