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Online Webinar

America Under Cyber Attack: Operating in a Post-Sunburst World

February 23, 2021 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST


Last year foreign hackers secretly broke into a US-based IT security solution provider and added infected code into their software. As part of the company’s regular software update process, the company unknowingly forwarded malicious code, creating a backdoor to their clients' IT systems. Multiple government agencies and private organizations were impacted.

The breach caught many of the Federal government’s IT security watchdogs completely off guard. The countless contractors, vendors, and suppliers needed to fulfill the mission of the Federal government has resulted in a vast and complex supply chain, with limited visibility into, and control over, operational risk. While technological transformation has increased the sophistication of weaponry, communications, and operations, it has also exponentially multiplied vulnerabilities and threatens to undermine mission effectiveness. America’s defense is only as secure as its weakest link in the supply chain.


John Cofrancesco | Vice President of Government Solutions

John has spent his career protecting the data holdings of military, federal, and commercial clients. John specializes in identifying weaknesses in records management architectures and developing commercial solutions to secure those gaps. His experience has positioned him to spot the fragility in complex data systems and see the universe of possible commercial solutions, leveraging his experience working within the military and federal communities.