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Fortress operates in the front-line commercial sectors where threats to the Connected Asset Ecosystem are the most critical. The industries we support are at the epicenter of high-impact, emerging cyber risks — the proving ground where only the best and most comprehensive solutions will suffice.

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In a world that’s more reliant on energy every day, our nation’s critical infrastructure remains a top target — with attacks against utilities now a fact of life. Fortress helps some of the largest energy companies in North America weather the storm and protect mission-critical functions, such as generation, transmission, distribution and interconnection.

For example, a “Top-5” U.S. energy company turned to Fortress for managed services to clarify risk and automate administrative and monitoring tasks across the enterprise. Fortress also helps safeguard energy-sector compliance with the following NERC CIP standards:

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Energy companies turn to Fortress to manage cyber risks in the ways these companies most need — tying risk to real-world business impacts and helping improve daily operations, reputational risk, human safety and financial performance.

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Advances in healthcare are coming at lightning speed. Robotic surgery, telemedicine, advanced radiography and wearable medical devices have changed all of our lives. Driving this is an interconnected healthcare ecosystem that’s becoming more so every day. But every new connection brings new risks. Adding to the challenge, a shifting landscape of regulation and policy means more uncertainty and industry-wide disruption.

Fortress was founded by experts who helped several large healthcare organizations navigate the market upheaval that came with implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Today, Fortress  helps healthcare providers apply technology to improve effectiveness of care, safeguard systems and mitigate the risks associated with an increasingly connected world.

We also help the healthcare enterprise meet compliance with standards such as:

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We don’t just limit ourselves to servers and nodes, we’re also looking at workflows and processes that govern how both data and people interact across the healthcare enterprise — aligning everything for secure operations, transparent reporting and proactive business decisions.

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The financial services sector is vulnerable thanks to the lucrative gains that come from successful cyber attacks — including several recent and highly sophisticated penetrations of financial systems. Unfortunately, control gaps can expose sensitive personal information, disrupt market trading operations and cause significant enterprise-wide damage.

Fortress was founded by experts who helped steer several major financial sector clients through the Great Recession a decade ago. Today, we leverage automation, continuous monitoring, vulnerability scanning and other powerful technology to uncover and contextualize risks across your financial services enterprise ecosystem.  

Fortress also boosts compliance with multiple regulations that impact financial services, including:

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We do everything with a “Technology, Analytics and Services” (TAS) approach to proactively uncover and contextualize risk across your financial services enterprise.

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The digital transformation of the oil and gas industry has improved productivity and driven costs lower.  Industry participants must continue and even accelerate their digital transformation to remain competitive as technology makes alternatives such as LNG, electricity and renewables viable alternatives to traditional petroleum.  Oil and gas players will need to robotize, sensorize and expand the Internet of Things (IoT) at the field level to self-process, analyze and act upon collected data closer to front line operations.

Whether its upstream, midstream or, the oil and gas industry is a complex ecosystem of suppliers, computation, networking and physical operational processes spread around the world. This Connected Asset Ecosystem makes the industry highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. In fact, in 2016, the oil and gas industry was second most prone to cyber-attacks with 75% of American oil and gas companies experiencing at least one cyber incident. More and more of the cyber-attacks are happening on industrial control systems endangering workers, jeopardizing reputation and risking loss revenue and a catastrophic environmental event. Imagine if a cyber attacker were to gain access to off-shore drilling OT, the impact on the environment would be devastating.

The first step in Fortress’ solution is for our oil and gas advisory team to sit down with you and understand your business objectives and risk tolerance so the solution can enable rather than hinder your digital transformation. From there, the next step is to identify all the assets comprising your Connected Asset Ecosystem including vendors. Since this is easier said than done, Fortress deploys proprietary data and analytics to model your attack surface. Next, Fortress will identify the risks to your Connected asset ecosystem using its continuous monitoring risk analytics which will give us a broad view of your attack surface and risks including specific vulnerabilities on your OT equipment, vendors and IT assets. From there, easy wins are captured, and the remaining risks can be grouped into action plans and prioritized.  All of these data and insights are maintained within the Fortress PlatformTM making a single source of truth and tracking ROI of security investments.

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Transportation companies of all modes from trucking companies, to shipping lines and ports and especially cruise lines and airlines are leveraging technology to reduce costs, accelerate timelines and deliver greater value to their customers.  These technologies vary dramatically from drones to crew automation, fleet management and monitoring, supply chain management and for consumer facing companies, the proliferation of data is enabling pinpoint targeting of prospective customers.

These technologies depend upon a Connected Asset Ecosystem of vendors, industrial technology, traditional IT networks and applications tied together with high connectivity and complex supply chain interdependencies. Making matters worse is that the transportation industry has historically been targeted by terrorists and its operations are geographically dispersed, global and complex. Terrorists and other threat actors such as hacktivists can disrupt normal operations and or steal customer information. The stakes are high as loss of life, un-planned downtime, lost cargo and fines are foreseeable consequences of a breach. Also, emerging regulations such as GDPR pose significant financial risks to those companies servicing EU citizens.

If your company has dispersed operations like a global airline, you are going to have tens of thousands of vendors spanning the globe. That is too many vendors to cost effectively deploy a traditional assessment heavy solution. To obtain breadth, but at a reduced cost, Fortress utilizes Analytics and Intelligence to continuously identify opportunities to reduce risk at scale. Assessments still have a place, so when the cost / benefit makes, sense Fortress conducts the assessments. All risks are maintained and resolved in the Fortress PlatformTM. The Fortress PlatformTM also ensure the program is running as designed and Fortress Advisors ensure the program is up-to-date.

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Additional Industries

Fortress has developed Solutions for additional industries including manufacturing, maritime, entertainment, insurance, membership organizations and more.

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Manufacturing has undergone tremendous change over the last decade, with expanding capabilities in automation and ever-increasing reliance on the digitally connected supply chain. Increased connectivity, robotics and automation, machine learning, cloud computing and more are driving a digital transformation that leaves manufacturers exposed and more dependent than ever on a large supply chain ecosystem.

The Fortress Platform powers better performance and compliance across the manufacturing enterprise with a holistic and comprehensive view that ties risk to real-word impacts on manufacturing operations and assets.

Unlike siloed point tools that only look at one part of the problem, we take a holistic view of risks across your entire manufacturing ecosystem of IT, operational technology (OT), third parties and the extended supply chain to better prioritize and unlock value of existing technology investments.

use case :
vulnerability risk management

  • Risk is everywhere in the enterprise
  • Modern connectivity makes risk more widespread and less visible
  • Many enterprise risks feel like Whack-a-Mole, but are really systemic
  • Fortress gives holistic visibility for root causes of risk across all connected assets
  • We connect disparate data for better insight into business risk causes and remedies

use case :
third party risk management

  • Third parties bring risk into the organization
  • It’s beyond just what vendors self-report or even know about
  • Fortress uncovers unseen third-party risks — diving deep with continuous monitoring and advanced security scoring models
  • We rank criticality of risk and prioritize actions
  • We track the ripples of business impact for better enterprise decisions


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