NERC CIP Compliance Made Easy for the Entire Supply Chain

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Fortress Platform Enables CIP Automation

Compliance Management

Designed to enable utilities to reduce their O&M spend on compliance through automation, orchestration and predefined workflow templates that can be modified to reflect internal processes.


Fortress Platform implementation services are designed to quickly create a centralized, enterprise security management data repository and dashboard.


A strength of the Fortress Platform is its ability to flexibly ingest various sources of IT and OT data, providing customized views of prioritized event data and alerts.

Security & Compliance Combined

On-premise deployments for high and medium impact BCS Entities. Outsource compliance with the low-impact cloud deployment option for reduced costs.

Compliance Automation Components

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Workflow & Automation

  • Security nomenclature based on the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix (Q4 2020)
  • Compliance Workflows – based on NERC CIP Standards and the NERC Evidence Request Tool
  • Custom workflow integration based on internal policy and procedure language and controls structure

Asset & Vendor Management – CIP-002 Integration

  • Asset Identification
  • Asset Classification
  • Asset Management & Monitoring
  • CIP-013 Compliance Management
  • 3rd Party Risk Management
  • Enterprise Vendor Management

Threat Monitoring & Mitigation

  • Fortress-tailorable workflow allows you to integrate your existing threat mitigation into the tool, enabling you fine-grain control over your identification, reporting and resolution cycles
  • Respond to threats by assessing inventory to see if the threat is applicable and perform remediation
  • Known vulnerabilities and threats analyzed against the inventory to determine susceptibility based on CVE/CWE/ICS vulnerability vs asset in inventory and presenting action to be performed

Vulnerability & Patch Management

  • ICS/OT patch management & governance
    • Baseline configuration for each in-scope asset stored in the AM Module
    • Ports and services inventories tied to the AM Module
    • Known vulnerabilities linked with each asset within the AM Module
    • Using the A2V model, patch testing and validation services can be leveraged against other utilities using the same technology footprint for lower costs
  • Using Scanning or OT management software to determine versions and susceptibility
  • FP tracks compliance status for the NERC CIP program & remediation efforts

Compliance Management

  • Presenting Compliance Artifacts in a manner consistent with NERC, FERC and Regions
    • Heavy focus on Evidence Request Repository Consistency
    • RSAW-based internal assessment reviews
  • Compliance Performance Activity Dashboard – indicate where possible noncompliance is occurring in real-time
  • Any compliance risk transfer will be coordinated with NERC and Regions prior to contract execution to maximize transparency in the process
  • Compliance with CMMC
  • Compliance with Executive Order and 889b

Access Management

  • Integration with IDM and other access management platforms
  • Tracing access rights in relation to CIP Applicable Assets and Compliance Artifacts
  • Workflow templates designed to ensure access compliance traceability and artifact review activities


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