Prohibition Executive Order 1

The Department of Energy

The Prohibition Executive Order has Major Consequences

Did you know that you can be personally liable for your vendor’s supply chain?

This prohibition order goes into effect on January 16th, 2021. Some entities have determined that it would be too difficult to assess the true origins of every component within their supply chain, so they’ve decided to place a hold on all procurement activities. However, that will not be enough if they have existing contracts to purchase supplies from companies that may have components (hardware or software) originating from China.

Compliance Relief

While this order has severe consequences for non-compliance, the good news is that we have a solution and can help you with your compliance in the following ways:

  • 3rd party risk management through continuous monitoring
  • Product-Level Assessments via hardware/software bill of materials
  • Compliance Management Modules

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Prohibition Executive Order 2

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