THREAT ALERT: CVE-2021-44228 is a critical vulnerability resulting in Remote Code Execution (RCE). 

Read Fortress's response to the recent Log4j exploit.

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The tools and technology that make the mission possible also make it vulnerable. 

Protecting the Mission

Securing our nation’s assets and supply chain are critical for maintaining our national security. That’s why Fortress takes a holistic and detailed approach to assessing and managing all third-party sources of risk, down to the component level.

The Department of Defense relies on a complex digital network and supply chain to conduct its mission. This creates additional vulnerabilities, exponentially increasing potential threats. 

Solution Highlights


This includes your field and centralized systems, the full spectrum of digital/analytical tools used in your operations, as well as holistic coverage for business vulnerability areas like reporting systems and servers.


By leveraging everything from risk assessments and security scoring models, to continuous monitoring of third parties and system reviews from elite analyst teams, Fortress connects traditionally disparate sources of information to uncover not just emerging cyber risks, but every ripple of impact that flows from those risks.


Government regulations such as the DODI 5000.90, NDAA Section 889 parts (a) & (b), and the recent executive order focused on national security highlight the magnitude of risk and the need for an agile solution. The Fortress Platform offers a customizable dashboard, robust cybersecurity controls, automated data-driven assessments, and real-time, continuous risk monitoring and alerting. 

Our Services for Government

Fortress Platform

The Fortress Platform was developed as an open architecture application, including interface modules adapted for integration with source Application Program Interfaces (APIs), supplier- and vendor-closed networks direct data extraction with source databases, and web scanning algorithms and data import.

Because of our targeted industry focus, the Fortress Platform evolves in real time as threats that are specific to your sector emerge, ensuring that your critical asset protection is current and complete.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Fortress’ Supply Chain Risk Management is the deepest and broadest assessment of third-party risk across the full spectrum of vendor, IT and industrial components. 

As a government agency, a secure supply chain is of utmost importance in ensuring not only your operations but our nation’s security and well-being.

Asset Vulnerability Management

From email servers to your back office operational systems and everything in between, Fortress ensures that your most critical vulnerabilities are identified, prioritized and remediated on an ongoing basis.

With a holistic view of risk across the entire digital ecosystem of IT, operational technology (OT), third-parties, and the extended supply chain to prioritize and unlock value of existing technology investments. Our platform leverages automation, alerting, reporting, and other advanced functions to ensure security, identify vulnerabilities and their severity, and measure execution of mitigation. 

Managed Security Services

Fortress’ team of expert analysts has you covered - designing a tool to meet the unique demands of the end user by identifying the sources and types of data desired, the analytics necessary to produce the desired results, and the reports and analysis required for the risk assessment factors to be monitored and mitigated. This reduces risk, costs, and the resources needed to keep your programs secure and allows you to keep your focus on the mission. 

Fortress Protects You
So You Can Protect Our Nation

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Proven Track Record

Fortress brings the company’s extensive experience in energy sector compliance & risk mitigation to our government and industry partners to help to identify and reduce vulnerabilities before they affect security, schedule, or profitability.

Understands the Threat

Fortress supports government and industry supply chain illumination efforts to deliver needed safeguards against today's criminal adversaries, while also ensuring compliance with best practices, current, and future regulations.

Ready to Remediate

Identification of a problem is helpful, but it's only one part of the equation. Our ability to find and implement cost and time saving solutions is what sets Fortress apart.