THREAT ALERT: CVE-2021-44228 is a critical vulnerability resulting in Remote Code Execution (RCE). 

Read Fortress's response to the recent Log4j exploit.


Fortress takes a holistic view of manufacturing risks

Protect Your Operations

From ever-expanding, globally-connected supply chains to increased process automation and digitized tools, manufacturing has undergone tremendous change over the past decade. Unfortunately, globalization and connectivity also exposes you to more cyber attacks that can harm your business operations and reputation. 

Learn how Fortress can implement holistic security and compliance services across all of your critical enterprise assets and your suppliers.

What Fortress Covers

What your organization uses to run your business. This includes your IT/OT solutions, including your process automation systems and all digital tools used on your manufacturing floor, as well as holistic coverage for business vulnerability areas like reporting systems and servers.

What your organization incorporates into your manufactured solutions:  This includes security for all connected products, components, chips, and their manufacturers of origin. 

What your organization needs to stay on top of.  This includes adherence to today’s compliance requirements and keeping abreast of pending regulations from a liablity standpoint. This also includes staying one step ahead of manufacturing-specific threats and managing them before they become actual issues.

Our Services for Manufacturers

Fortress Platform

The Fortress Platform is at the core of our integrated risk management approach. It is an AI-enabled proprietary security engine consisting of industry-specific vulnerability datasets that are strengthened and evaluated each day. 

Because of our targeted industry focus, the Fortress Platform evolves in real time as threats that are specific to your sector emerge, ensuring that your critical asset protection is current and complete.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Fortress’ Supply Chain Risk Management is the deepest and broadest assessment of third-party risk across the full spectrum of vendor, IT and industrial components. 

As a manufacturer, your supply chain is an integral part of the quality of your manufactured goods and therefore your reputation.

Asset Vulnerability Management

From email servers to your back office operational systems and everything in between, Fortress ensures that your most critical vulnerabilities are identified, prioritized and remediated on an ongoing basis. 

As a manufacturer, the holistic management of internal operational risk factors has a direct top- and bottom-line impact. 

Managed Security Services

As the cybersecurity landscape evolves rapidly around us, Fortress offers customized services to augment what your organization needs to take critical infrastructure protection and compliance to the next level.

Fortress Has You Covered
Everywhere It Matters

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Manufacturers that serve critical infrastructure organizations will face heightened scrutiny because of regulation, complex geo-political concerns and dynamic cybersecurity challenges. Fortress' solutions are designed to provide you with information about your product's security that improve your standing with your customers and stand-out from the competition.

Fortress has the ability to create bill of materials for your products that provide important insight into the origins of each component, geo-political risks and counterfeit exposure. This capability will enable you to trust AND verify the suppliers that support manufacturing products and hardware.


Whether it's hardware, software or services, Fortress partners with manufacturers to provide insights into the needs of your customers and your suppliers. The manufacturer supply chain is complex and requires a partner that understands the competitive and regulatory landscape that dictates where certain products can be sold to critical infrastructure and government organizations.