THREAT ALERT: CVE-2021-44228 is a critical vulnerability resulting in Remote Code Execution (RCE). 

Read Fortress's response to the recent Log4j exploit.

File Integrity Assurance

Protect Your Critical Infrastructure by Reducing Vulnerabilities Caused by Third-Party Software Threats

Knowledge is Security

Today, all organizations depend on IT systems to streamline their operations and support critical business functions. In this environment, software and third-party integrations are ever-evolving, as are processes that can change file configurations and attributes.

Through our File Integrity Assurance (FIA) solution, Fortress continuously monitors all software and files, ensuring their integrity and delivering intelligence to identify known and emerging threats from third party application patches, updates and more. Because we have the full chain of custody on software, we can provide you with the ability to fully assess risk and take action.

Benefits of Fortress FIA

Fortress FIA finds threats that traditional scans miss. 

Traditional scans search for known malware and then eliminate it, making them vulnerable to new malware or those that exhibit atypical characteristics. FIA operates off of a broader platform of identifying file changes, so it is not specific to known malware and can identify unusual activity in real time, either as it becomes active or when it is introduced.

Fortress FIA assesses threats more holistically. 

Because Fortress also does vendor and product continuous monitoring, we extend our FIA coverage to include software supply chains and produce a software bill of materials (SBOM) that identifies software components and foreign ownership (FOCI).

Fortress FIA is easy to operationalize.

Fortress makes it easy to operationalize FIA. We offer programmatic integration and allow you to do your job more efficiently, e.g. by integrating into your patch delivery process. In addition, Fortress FIA isn’t just about risk identification; you can take action on what we deliver. 

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The Fortress Approach

If you are considering FIA and want to learn more about how it can improve the security and resilience for all of your software and your IT infrastructure, check out our solution overview.

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