THREAT ALERT: CVE-2021-44228 is a critical vulnerability resulting in Remote Code Execution (RCE). 

Read Fortress's response to the recent Log4j exploit.

Fortress Platform

Fortress Platform integrates with leading security platforms and procurement systems to provide industry-leading third-party risk management and asset risk management services. This software serves as a workflow engine for all major assessment frameworks, including NIST, ISO27000, CSA, Star, and NERC CIP, to name a few.

Complete Risk Lifecycle Management

We believe that collaborating with a third party to establish cybersecurity standards should be a positive and efficient experience rather than another operational hurdle to overcome. At Fortress, we have created a tool to streamline information sharing and client communication. Fortress Platform features risk management orchestration through workflow, approvals, dashboarding, customized reports and our vendor portal.

What We Can Provide

As a leading software solution for integrated risk management, Fortress Platform offers cloud-based or on-premises professional development services to address your team's risk management and regulatory compliance challenges.

We provide Cyber Supply Chain and Asset Vulnerability Management through the following services:

  • Validated Vendor Assessments
  • Vendor Coordination & Remediation Services
  • Bill of Materials Management

We also provide the following data and analytics services:

  • Comprehensive Vendor Monitoring
  • Product Decomposition & Provenance Assessments
  • Product Security Design Assessments
  • Data-Driven Vendor Controls Assessments
  • Data-Driven Product Security Assessments

Pre-configured to meet CIP-013 compliance and broader supply chain risk management objectives, Fortress Platform integrates with your existing systems, such as contract management or compliance systems. Additionally, this software provides necessary audit reports such as procurement risk identification and assessment reporting for CIP-013-1 compliance.

What Sets Us Apart

We ensure your compliance success by seamlessly bridging the gap between information and implementation with our Fortress Platform. By prioritizing visibility and orchestration, we meet security and compliance objectives while giving you peace of mind.